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Error Analysis while performing Sequence Labelling for NLP Tasks
[Machine Learning - 2018]

Link: Sequence Labelling and error analysis.

  • vsmlib to process word embedding models.
  • Acheived 90% accuracy using sklearn multinomail Logistic Regression classifier.
  • Achieved 97% accuracy with sklearn MLP neural network classifier
  • Dataset: CONLL-2003 Shared Task English
  • Lead the team and strived for active participation from them, helped them understand the underlying concepts

Travel Buddy App – [Internet and Web Systems - 2017]

Link: Travel Buddy App

  • Used MEAN stack, Mongoose for schema definition,
  • Deployed successfully on Heroku, using nmp start in dyno. Web-Scaling: 1
  • Created upwards of 9 components, following MVC design patterns and RESTful APIs,
    • Components Include:
    • Home
    • Social Login
    • Trips management
    • Profile
    • Buddies
    • About us
    • Meet the Team
  • Lead the team and strived for active participation from them,

THREEjs Demos – [Computer Graphics I - 2017]

Link: Computer Graphics Assignments/THREEjs Demos/jQuery Interactive

  • Created various graphical representations for various assignments and finals.
  • Used THREEjs, MVC design pattern, gave the user a complete set of buttons to work with views
  • Industry standard code with ample documentation was provided.

RADAR-IMU system for 3D-DIC measurements using remotely paired UAVs – [FALL 2017 – SPRING 2018]

Link: IMU-RADAR system for 3D-DIC

  • Ran experiments to calibrate a system composing of RADAR-FMCWR3400W/04, IMU-ICM 20948-STM 32 Nucleo64 interface.
  • Used pySerial and pandas to receive data from RADAR/IMU, plotting through mathplotlib, data processing using numpy.
  • Created interfacing software to include a RaspberryPI at the center of the system as a processing unit.
  • Packaged with self-generated user manual.

Barcode Item Scanner System [FALL 2016]

Link: py+MQTT - Barcode Item Scanner System

  • Scanning barcode through camera, encrypted through MQTT authorization
  • Developed a secure item scanner system, using Raspberry Pi and secured the data transmission using Mosquitto MQTT broker with certificate-based authentication.
  • I learnt to create MQTT based authentication for a IOT network. I learnt the use of certificates.

Contra Game AI - Created an AI agent for a level of the game Contra – [FALL 2016]

Coming soon
  • Created a simple agent to automate the gameplay for a game level developed by some external resource, using C++ and their game engine.
  • Concept: Simple Reflex agents/ Evaluation function etc.

Prime number generator – Simple Machine learning project – [SPRING 2018]

Coming soon
  • Created a prime number checker and generator using Support Vector Machines to train.
  • Used 100 consequent numbers to train and then used a validation set to check accuracy which was at 91%.

Image Based Passwords – [Capstone 2015]

Coming soon
  • New type of authentication using Captcha as graphic passwords
  • Three types of authentication, as a picture password, jigsaw puzzle, or button based.
  • Used Bootstrap, WAMP and Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP.
  • Captcha as Graphical Password research paper was used as a base design pattern reference.

Flight Database Management System – [2013]

  • Flight booking application.
  • It was a fully functional management app, with GUI and user input, lots of tabs, easy to use.
  • Used VB6, ADODB, SQL.

Smokes Counter – [Personal]

Coming soon
  • Built android app to monitor smoking history. Android/Web TimeLine: Ongoing.




  • Experienced with webmaster responsibilities, SEO, Node, jQuery etc.
  • Highly interested in full stack web development, design and maintenance.
  • Highly motivated and experienced developer, Master of Computer Science (GPA:3.4)
  • Few months of experience working with various companies.


  • Master of Computer Science (Web/AI) Anticipated Spring 2018 University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA GPA: 3.33
  • Bachelor of Technology – Computer Science Jun 2015 Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India


  • Prototype Tester for Alert Innovation(remote) Spring 2018

    Single day operating and testing certain automation prototype designed and developed by Alert Innovation.

  • Jr Software Developer at Parkpass, LLC(remote) Summer 2017

    Reviewed their existing web app for updates on GUI and UI/UX component design.
    Worked with target wireframes and thought of improvements to existing app.

  • Software Developer Intern at Zulu Moving Company, Lowell, MA Summer 2016

    Created an interactive webpage as a landing and front for the business.
    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap and PHP were used in the application.
    Completed SEO on Google AdWords, google keywords, google business, Bing, etc.GITHUB

  • Associate Software Engineer at Accenture Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, India Oct 2015 – Jan 2016

    Used Oracle Apps to manage user access and user profiles of a large enterprise.
    Trained for Oracle Apps, Oracle Forms, PL/SQL as well as programming languages such as C, Data structures and Core JAVA.
    • Also played the role of administration of the Oracle Apps.


  • Web Programing (HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JSP, Crafty, THREE, SQL, PL/SQL, PHP5, Bootstrap, Django, Angular, Node, etc)
  • C/C++ , J2SE/J2EE , VB6/10, Data Structures
  • Python, IOT, MQTT
  • Shell - Bash, DOS and few more
  • Android development, Machine Learning